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Relationship tips, drawn from science and experience, to help navigate relationships a little better every day.


New Survey Launched!

I just launched a new survey looking at parenting attitudes and behaviors. If you are a parent, please take a few minutes to give us your opinions on a wide range of parenting behaviors!


More tips of the day coming soon!


Book Project

Hello tip followers!  I am taking a short break from tip of the day writing to focus on the parental alienation project that launched with great success a few weeks ago. More tips will be scheduled in the near future, so stay tuned!


Relationship Tip of the Day #77

Having sex with your partner at different times of the day can spice up your sex life. Our hormone and energy levels fluctuate considerably during the day, so you may find sex to be more enjoyable at different times of the day.


Relationship Tip of the Day #76

Schedule a date night with your romantic partner. Couples can get easily stuck in a routine, and formalizing time together can keep things exciting.


Relationship Tip of the Day #75

If you live with your romantic partner, designate one day a month as "budget day" to organize your finances together and discuss short and longer term financial plans. Setting joint goals and assessing progress in the context of your relationship can help you strategize what works, and identify what needs to be changed in order to reach your goals together.